Most Transformative Experience (for Mommy):
Training to become a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

Loudest Renovation:
It wasn’t so much the pulling up of the carpets (which we did with the help of my In-Laws). But the installation of the new wood floors on the second level (with the help of my parents)- was quite rattling.

Most in-touch with my feelings:
That time when I talked about how awesome my husband is, and how much I love him. Luckily, I’m finding more reasons I love him all the time. (Try not to let it go to your head, Dear.)

Our veggie garden. Which we enjoyed for a long time, before we let it go to pot.

Most Awesome Culinary Experiment:
That time Emily3 and I made tomato sauce from about 3 million pounds of fresh tomato.

Most Mobile:
Henry, who started walking on Mother’s Day. Which made him a friend not just a brother in Jack’s eyes.

Most(ly) Vegetarian Cooking:
Our diets shifted last fall when we decided to go veggie (technically pescatarian). But it took us a while to start experimenting with some classic meat-based dishes.

The shittiest disease I’ve ever had:
And the winner is…. Lyme. (No surprise there.)

Roughest Toughest Hottest Hike:
Ever. The Bright Angel Trail down to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon. Thank God for the donkey who carried my pack out!

Cutest Preschooler:

Most Surprising:
Finding out we were pregnant. And then finding out it appears to be a girl.

Most Improved:
Henry’s speech. From meeting with the early intervention specialist in the county to watching him transform virtually overnight, the whole experience was really cool!

Most Adorable Santas:
These Guys!

Oh, 2011, you were so good to us. I cannot wait to see what kind of crazy shenanigans we get into!