It’s a sign of the times that I wasn’t seeking a party where I could do keg stands and ice luge for NYE. When a neighbor suggested the local kid-friendly midnight party that started at 5 and ended at 7:30 I jumped at the chance. As it turns out a few families from the ‘hood decided to make an event of it.

There were food trucks there.

The drive-thru Christmas Lights display was open for a walk-thru. Which took about 45 minutes. The kids enjoyed seeing the light show, and I was glad we hadn’t made time to go before because it would have felt redundant to go twice in the same season. (Score one for parental laziness!)

When we got back to the food we decided to enjoy the DJ and some dance music. The non-dancers decided to huddle together.

Jack busted a move. (Which, side note, makes me wonder will my kids understand the cultural reference of busting a move? I hope so!)

After some very overzealous dancing about 3 feet from the speakers we decided to set up camp.

Just in time to grab a seat

and enjoy the fireworks. Henry was not a fan of the noise, but enjoyed the show from the safety of Daddy’s lap.  Jack and his friends from the hood had a blast discussing the show and rating the quality of each firework as it came and went.