When you have a kid as obsessed with space as Jack, it would be practically negligent to drive past Kennedy and not stop.

Rockets from various space missions. (For the Apollo moon missions they used a rocket called the Saturn V. They also used it for Skylab. Does your family have a big backyard drinking party to commemorate Skylab? Or is that just mine?)

If we were to assume that Jack was the only member of the family excited about visiting Kennedy, we would be wrong.

The walk to the Apollo 11 Capsule. Just like the astronauts did, on the launch pad.

The capsule.

Even the giant play area was space themed!

This was great to run off some of the road-trip sillies.

Obligatory astronaut shot.

There was even a Mars exploration display, which included the new Mars Curiosity rover. Which was featured in the Washington Post over Thanksgiving. (We had a hard time getting Jack to let go of the article.)

There was even a guy in a space suit! A great pre-Disney character warm-up!