We had such a blast in Disney World!  ::doing the happy dance::

Thanks in large part to my neighbor who is a Disney expert.  I want to do a vlog interview of her so she can share all her insane tips with you, but I don’t know if she’ll go for it- she can barely use facebook.

More to the point, here were her best tips that we agreed were super useful:

1. Don’t try to see and do everything.  The Magic Kingdom has a million parks and attractions, if you try to do it all it’s too much, you’re going to hate it.

2. If you can swing the cost, stay in one of the hotels on the monorail.  It’s pricy, but the ease of getting in and out of the park and to other activities is worth it, especially with small children.

3. Get the meal plan. The price of meals is high in the parks and at the other Kingdom restaurants, but with the meal plan you save on price. (Also- if you pay for a child’s meal plan they don’t care if you are buying a child’s lunch or an adult lunch, so you can get extra food, which you will need because you will walk A LOT!)

4. Make dinner reservations (or lunch reservations) especially if you want character dining. Make your reservations WAAAAAY in advance, otherwise you will have hour waits and you’ll be eating at 4pm or 9pm.

5. However many days you are there, DO NOT GO TO PARKS EVERYDAY. Remember about the walking? It’s exhausting! For us, we were there for 3 days so we planned to spend 1 day in the park, 1 day by the pool and the final day back in the parks again. We were so glad we followed my expert friend’s advice, because it rained on the 3rd day and would have been a miserable day to try to enjoy the park so at the last-minute we flip-flopped our plans and did the first 2 days in the park and the third day wandering around exploring the other hotels on the Monorail.

As an aside- by not trying to do everything we ended our trip not feeling burnt out, which is always nice, but we also felt like the Magic Kingdom has so much to offer we will have to go back to explore more. Since we had such a good time, we wouldn’t mind it if we had to go back!

When we saw this sign the excitement in our car was palpable. Mommy may have lost her head a bit.  ::squee::

Jack blasted off in the Astro Orbiter. 

Henry was drawn in by the Railroad.

There were plenty of rides that Henry was able to ride, sometimes he sat on the bench (like here riding “it’s a small world”) but for other rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean, he sat on someone’s lap so he could see.

Jack loved Peter Pan. We were able to ride it twice in the same morning!

We enjoyed catching a glimpse of Cinderella’s castle. When we sat down near the castle to enjoy our funnel cakes we heard the parade start, so we decided to go check it out. The park was so empty that morning, all the rides had 5 or 10 minute wait times and when we watched the parade there wasn’t anyone crowding near us to get a peek. We walked right up to the curb, claimed our little piece of real estate and enjoyed the show. Fantastic!

Apparently Henry met the height requirement to drive on the Indy Speedway.

This ride made quite the impression on Jack!

I may have come away with a pair of glittery Minnie ears for myself. But I’m willing to share.

There was lots to see on our day off from the park. We even hit the pool before the rain started. (The pools are heated.) Wasteful? No doubt. But I wasn’t going to complain!

How cool is this sculpture? The best part they built a camera stand into the ground about 20/25 feet away. It’s like they knew we were going to need it!!