The short answer is that is the nature of life.

The long answer? Because secretly I like the work. So I make it work out that way.

We have… okay, I have a problem with my living room. The expedit bookshelves are great for storage but I see two problems with them. 1.They are dark and weigh down the room. 2.They are too short to store things out of reach of the boys.

So because I want more storage and a lighter more built-in look and nothing I’ve found would actually fit this awkward 20″d x 118″w x 96″h space we are building an entertainment center.

Gee…. I hope it’s finished by the time the baby comes.


I used both online how-to instructions for cabinet building and inspiration from Young House Love to come up with the design. I would love to use second hand cabinets like John and Sherry did, but the space is only 20″ deep and base cabinets are 24″ deep. Therefore, in order to get what I want I we are going to need to build the whole damn thing from the ground up.

I’m kinda scared, but the Ikea bed project was waaaaay harder to plan than this and that turned out pretty darn good!