When working on a project with my husband I have noticed two things: 1. He doesn’t like to spend time time talking about the plan and 2. He doesn’t read plans very thoroughly, especially if he has to read them in the rain or cold.

My poor husband doesn’t really want to do this project anyway. So combine all those issues and it becomes really important that I make it easy for him.

Why not use the circular or table saw yourself you ask? Because I saw this episode of Rescue 911 as a kid where a guy chopped his leg most of the way off using a circular saw, and I haven’t been the same since.


So I make the plans.


I prime and tape and measure and mark the wood. I might be allowed to use the new drill press, but as this will be its maiden voyage, I’m willing to let my husband do the honors.

How do my plans look for the base cabinets?