My cabinet is so sexy. I’m pretty sure it knows it!

My husband isn’t half bad either. It’s one thing when you draw up a plan and you picture it in your head. But when that plan actually turns out as great in your head as you imagined in your mind’s eye, that’s just sexy. I know I’m not the only one who finds home improvement sexy. Sherry can’t stop petting her kitchen walls for goodness sake!

At this point we only have one of the three base cabinets assembled. But I would prefer they each take the two and a half hours to build that this one did because meticulous work leads to cabinets with no wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, what?!

We’ve made some progress from here. But there’s a long way still to go to get that built-in look I’m going for…

We also made some major headway on other projects this weekend. I worked on the joint birthday I’m throwing for the boys it seemed prudent to throw a combo party, as throwing a party for Henry could be interrupted or overshadowed by the birth of my little uterus monster. Speaking of the uterus monster, I also made some progress on the nursery.