My husband handles the technology.

In my relationship I find myself holding various designations, for example I manage the schedule. I know what each child is doing, when the appointments are, and I keep track of his appointments and commitments. This includes reminding him about times of doctors appointments and other plans.

But this post isn’t about what I do. It’s about what I don’t do. Technology.

It’s laughable what has happened to me. I was never afraid of technology, if anything I was more capable, or at least more willing to experiment, than many of my peers. In college I was a developer of a website for one of my student clubs. And for the year 2000- I can say that website was pretty swanky. I upgraded my own RAM, and knew what it was, on more than one occasion. When my computer needed to be upgraded, I helped my dad (a true tech geek) rebuild from the motherboard up. I don’t mean I merely held the screwdriver and handed him lemonade.

That was me then.

But now?

If the apps on my phone need updating, I make him do it. The little red number will sit there for weeks, growing and growing to an embarrassing number (I think the highest was 7 updates). Every time I use my phone I just think to myself, I’ll get to that later. Until he got a hold of it, and asked me why I was living in the dark ages?! And: Didn’t I know there was an update to Where’s my Water?!

If Jack somehow changes a setting while playing on the computer. I call my husband and complain that the text ‘on all the websites is small now’. Fit it! somehow thinking back to a time when I knew exactly how to fix this seems harder than picking up the phone and passing the buck.

A few weeks ago the cable went out. It wasn’t working all day. I texted the neighbors, theirs was working fine. I went to the basement to unplug the FiOS main box and try to reset things. No luck. I tried resetting the router. I tried praying, okay, I didn’t pray…. but the thought crossed my mind. When the husband came home from work I insisted he explain our local network and how it tied in, so when the Verizon guys came the next day I would know what I was talking about. So he started pointing out the network vs. coax cables and within 5 minutes we realized that the cable wasn’t working because someone (Jack) had unplugged the coax from the wall, right next to the router. I never saw it. It never even occurred to me to check.

The final tale in the unraveling of my technical ability was last night. It was brought to my attention that in order for my tablet to work it needed to be charged periodically. “Yeah? Aren’t you in charge of charging the technology too?” Wow, I have really let myself go.

I realized I haven’t charged my camera battery, my tablet, even my laptop in months. I hardly use the mental settings on my camera, but for the record, I do know how. I clearly run this blog, and I usually do the photo, widget and banner changes myself. But every once in a while I run into a problem with that and I have to ask him to check my HTML.

How did I go from a self-sufficient technology-empowered woman to someone who finds her cell phone charging on the counter and things to herself, “Awww, thanks, hon.”? I suppose I devolved the same way that he went from someone who cleaned up dishes after himself to someone who didn’t even notice he was leaving the dishes on the table and the bookshelf and his desk.

Oh well.

So, am I the only one? Are there things you notice you don’t keep up with the way you used to?