I know it’s kinda creepy to say that my living room makes me all hot and bothered, but it’s true. Before we had these Expedit bookshelves and a TV stand, which were super functional and great for storage, but the kids would try to climb them or squeeze behind them, and it made me nervous to have the decorative vases on top teetering on the brink of disaster.

So in the beginning I had this brainy idea to build our own entertainment unit.

Then I primed the wood and planned the base cabinets.

Later we my husband built the first cabinet.

Between January 30th and this weekend we assembled the other two cabinets and then primed and painted the cabinets and sanded, sanded, sanded, stained and polyurethaned the top. It’s kinda been non-stop. Naptime trash TV has been replaced with paint-slinging fun.

So to review, for those of you who don’t click on the links to remember where we’ve been ::cough:: Mom ::cough:: here’s a picture of before:

Our first Expedit unit was gifted to a friend on Thursday. Bye-bye! The second went on Craig’s list Sunday night and was snatched up in less than an hour! Sweet!!

Friday we put the first cabinet in place, just to preview the new look. It became clear that the idea of building more storage for the children might actually be storage for the children.

Saturday morning the kids and I escaped for a play date with some friends while Daddy enjoyed peace and quiet in his weekend work environment.


There it is.

Wall to wall functional, and fabulous looking, awesomeness.

We ordered custom shaker style cabinet doors (paint grade, which means they were relatively inexpensive) Sunday night. We also picked up the wood needed to build the upper bookshelves. They will frame the TV. Maybe we will be building them next weekend?

I love the white and natural wood together. I feel like I saw it in a Pottery Barn catalogue, probably as an office desk. Then those Young House Love folks actually made their own, and the vision was born.

Yes, I’m still freaking out about my shrinking Violet, and after our morning sonogram I will be sure to post an update, but in the meantime I just had to share with you our new and improving living room. Wish me lots of healthy baby luck today!