We are making major progress with the non-built-in. (It was designed so we could break it down into its composite parts and take it with us if/when we move.) But now that I see it in the space it feels like it belongs there. It was meant to be. It was destiny. Too much?

Nearly everything I had decorating the shelves of the Expedit shelves now fits on one bookshelf. You know what that means? I need more stuff! Mwah ha ha ha ha! My evil plan to accumulate more chotchkies is totally working and my husband remains blissfully unaware. Until he reads this. Love you, dear!

Two steps left to go: 1. install other shelf (after I spend the rest of the week painting the darn thing) and 2. receive by mail, paint and install the custom doors.

If I post pictures of knobs I’m considering will you vote on them?  Maybe I’ll get them up by the beginning of next week.