Jack has salad foot.

Friday Jack told me that his foot was itchy. Rut roh. Athlete’s foot.

Dr. Google told me that the best home remedy was a vinegar soak 3 times daily. For the last 7 days we’ve been referring Jack’s right foot his ‘salad foot’. This leads to statements like “No, mommy I don’t want to have a salad foot!” and “Salad foot is stinky!”

Despite the obvious hilarity of marinating Jacks foot enough to turn it into a pickle I’ve been really surprised at how effective it is! Within 24 hours he had no itching. Now on day 7 his skin looks completely normal again. I will probably continue for another few days just to be sure we’ve knocked it out completely. But at this point I would call him cured.

So if your kiddo ever gets athlete’s foot, just marinate in Italian dressing for a few days and you’ll be a-okay!