Seeing that I cannot pretend March has not come, I might as well embrace it. Place your bets for the baby’s due date and time by leaving a comment (on the blog, on FB or as a retweet.)

Here are some stats to help you guess:
*Jack was born on 2.1 at 12:25pm. He was a failed induction that started 10 days past “due”.
*Henry was born 4.3 at 10:25am. I went into labor spontaneously, 5 days before my due date, on the 2nd.
*Because I’m a VBAC, in order to stay with the midwives I know and trust, I am required to schedule a c-section at 12 days past my due date, hence the 17th of April being the final date on the calendar.
*As you can see, Henry chooses sometime between the 5th and the 7th.

The person with the closest guess to the actual date and time will win a prize!!