The husband had this brilliant plan to take the kids to his parents house for the weekend. He left me home alone. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

I was psyched to spend the weekend doing lots of fun, productive and also some completely unproductive things.

Friday night I went over to a friend’s house. I made some hair bows (thank God for YouTube because I had no idea what I was doing!) I also ate some homemade Indian Food. And rounded off the evening by watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn.  I forgot my camera- so imagine some bows and some dal and some sparkly vampires.

Saturday morning I cleaned my house. You’ll have to imagine a dramatic movie montage with something like “I work hard for the money” or “9 to 5” or “Girls just wanna have fun” playing in the background while I vacuum, mop, scrub the walls with a Magic Eraser (best invention ever), and strip the covers off the couch cushions and wash them. All while fitting in 3 loads of laundry and a shower for myself before…

My tea party baby shower! My neighborhood ladies love a baby shower, good thing because this neighborhood has LOTS of babies. (I think there has gotta be something in the water.)

On Sunday when the kids got home, the Husband said to me “That’s a lot of pink stuff.” I think he’s a little scared.

On Sunday I was supposed to hang with my doula but a change in her hubby’s work plans left her unable to come, so we rescheduled for Monday night.

First we made a belly cast. I would show you pics of us putting it on, and letting the boys help to smooth it out but they all look practically pornographic, so you’ll just have to skip it.

When the cast fully dries I’ll be able to paint it.

Then we did henna on my belly.

Cute? No? I love it!