Sometimes I have these brilliant ideas, but they turn out to be a disaster when I try to execute them. Other times I have an idea that may, or may not be brilliant, and manage to pull them off brilliantly. I’d like to think this is one of those times.

Jack and Henry’s birthdays are actually 2 months apart, but since this “Hitch” baby is due 2 days after Henry’s Birthday I wanted to be sure my special littler guy didn’t miss out on an actual celebration only to be overshadowed by his screaming flesh-ball little sister. (At least that’s how I would see her if I were him.)

I devised a plan to split the difference on their birthdays and throw one huge birthday bash during the time in-between. For once I didn’t angst over which people to invite or not- which is something I always do because I’m worried about the house feeling too crowded and the guests not enjoying themselves because they feel all claustrophobic. I didn’t ask Matt what he thought of the guest list, (because anymore than about 5 people is too many for him). I just invited everyone and hoped for good weather and that no-one would mind a crowded house.

I feel like everything worked our really well, and I spent most of the time enjoying myself, not stressing out leading up to or during the actual event!

Theme: Lego Party

I found invites like these on Etsy but they were too pricey for me.  I was able to make these with cardstock, a 1″ hole punch and some double-sided 3-D tape.

Lego invites- Check!

The candy used on the cakes is from Candy Kitchen; construction and project logistics managed by Papa.

I made these with a hand-designed stencil and some fabric paint.  I also used a hair-dryer, incase you were curious!

I think they turned out great!

I even hung some Legos on our wall-o-photos.

I finally got smart and ordered catering platters instead of stressing myself out with a complicated menu and many hours sweating in the kitchen- thank you, Panera!

Who doesn’t love a goodie bag station?

These Lego cookies were amazing! Thanks to Sweet Surrender Cookie Co. -Etsy. Not only did they look great, I can personally verify that they taste great too!

More Lego shaped candy from the Candy Kitchen.

The whole event was a swinging success!

Yes, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, but I don’t think they minded sharing.  Jack particularly enjoyed telling people that he is 4 and Henry is turning 2 soon.

Birthdays Party- Complete.