Apparently I am doomed to repeat pre-labor again and again.

I’m now 3/3 for pregnancies that included prodromal or pre labor at the end. I’m going to have to ask that this time, real labor comes with either a neon sign or an engraved plaque indicating that this is the real deal.

Two nights ago I started to lose my mucous plug. The next morning I lost some more. In the process of running errands in the morning I realized I was contracting every 5 or 10 minutes. I was feeling woozy so I did my best to take it easy and stay hydrated. During nap time I took my own nap, which was interrupted every 5 or 10 minutes by contractions. Since I was 36 weeks 4 days yesterday, not quite the magical 37, I had been in touch with the midwives all day. I was also staying in touch with my doula. By 3pm the contractions were 4 minutes apart and more painful, but still in no way debilitating but increasing intensity is something to look for. I went in to the office to confirm that the drops of fluid I felt was just more plug and not amniotic fluid. It was.

I see this as good news.

I was sent home with a confirmation that this was not yet active labor- everyone, stand down- and with a prescription from my midwives to have a small glass of wine to help stop them. Midwives are awesome.

As an added bonus, I was told I can now to skip this weeks regularly scheduled appointment, freeing up time in my schedule for skydiving, running, and standing on my head (okay, I am still doing that one!).