We started this built-in project 6 weeks ago. My only real goal was to have it done before the baby comes. We made it! It’s done, and it’s fabulous!

In order to appreciate the beauty of what’s new we have to remember where we have been. This was functional, yes. But not ideal for storage and too easy for the animals -I mean children- to climb on.


It lightens the room. It’s custom to the space. It cost about $600 in lumber and other materials (like high gloss Poly.) And after all that deliberation about cabinet door hardware I think we are going to leave the doors naked and skip the hardware completely.

I am otherwise incredibly cranky and completely over being pregnant. I’m now just about 38 weeks I’m so done. I’m not that uncomfortable, I’m still physically feeling okay, but of the last 5 years of my marriage I’ve been pregnant for about 50% of the time. I’m ready to be done being pregnant. I wish I was more enlightened and could just wait for baby to come when she’s good and ready, but I’m just not that noble. I’m impatient. I want to meet her, the Boys want to meet her, and most importantly I want to be able to chase after Jack on his bike, or Henry on foot without thinking she might just fall out mid-stride.