January Jones hired a doula who encapsulated her placenta so she could swallow it in pill form over the course of the first few weeks postpartum.

Mah pillz.

There are bodies of research and plenty of blogs that tout the benefits of encapsulation. Better mood. Better energy levels. Faster healing. Better hormone balance. I was curious, and admittedly a little grossed out. But some of the evidence was quite compelling.

So I decided to try it. So far? It’s not as gross as I feared it might be. In fact I don’t even think about it. This is my third postpartum experience and I’m more mellow, but I’m also more experienced.

The clear connection for me is in sudden hormone shifts. With Henry, and before I started my placenta regimen this time I would get the chills. Unlike any chills I’ve had without a fever of 104. It was debilitating I would shake uncontrollably. Eventually I would try to pull it together so I could nurse the baby, but it usually took several minutes of my husband saying “Come on, please sit up. You know it will go away when you feed her. Please?”

All of that? Disappeared- as soon as I started the pills.

Shoot, even if its only effect is that of a placebo because I ‘think’ it’s working its magic I’m comfortable with that.

Can you believe Henry will be 2 tomorrow? Because I can’t!