I know there are rules. There are always rules. Actually, someone using my name but acting waaaay more uptight than me has been running around the internet for years trying to learn us the rules. But proper etiquette of our parents might not be necessary for us. I mean, our parents didn’t have wedding websites and Amazon registries (you know, for all the things you can’t find at Macy’s.)

I digress. So I’ve created Maggie’s birth announcement. My philosophy is this, send them to people you don’t see often- because then they have a picture of your kiddo for their fridge, or cubicle, or whatever. I don’t expect a gift. I’m not looking for one. I’m just sending a pic with a little note on the back saying “Hey, thinking of you!” or “Look what we did…. again.” So if I were to send an announcement to you would you think, “Oh how cute! Mail that isn’t an add or a bill!” or would you think “Jeez, stop pestering me for a gift, cause you’re not getting one!”

Are birth announcements seen as “Oh, that’s nice.”? Or is it still seen as a gift thing? Is the perception generational? Do you feel obligated to send a gift sometimes?  What circumstances?  Maybe I’m odd… okay, we know I’m odd… but wedding, shower, announcement, whatever -for me it’s all about making a connection, seeing an old friend, or sending a note intended to say, we’re thinking of you- not Woo Hoo!! Prezzies!!!

In completely unrelated news….

I’d like to tell the obstetric community here in Maryland: “Nanny nanny boo boo! My baby is already 3 weeks old, you can take that repeat c-section and shove it right up your”

I keep trying to put her in cloth, but her booty is so stinkin’ tiny it’s just tragic-looking…. and also really hard to get her in those things! I’m putting it off for another few weeks I think.