People ask this often. The short answer is: great!

In the hospital, immediately after Maggie was born my pain level was zero. The entire course of my recovery from the birth I took 1 Motrin. That was it. It was amazing! I felt fine just about right away. Aside from the wicked nasty head cold I came down with a week after the birth the instant my little peanut popped out I felt amazing. No joint pain, no tearing, no swelling. Honestly, it was incredible! I’ve even been able to do a few small yoga exercises here and there the last few days (more on that later).

She is sleeping fine… Or more to the point I feel rested when I wake up each morning. And let’s face it, a happy, well-rested mommy is vital to a functional home. The best part about getting good sleep is I don’t spend time on the thought process that goes: ‘when she’s older it will be better/easier/more fun because then she will sleep and I will feel rested’. That just feels like wishing away all these little moments when she’s tiny. I don’t want to do that- she’s my last baby. I want to savor every middle of the night wake up, because soon I will look back on this time longingly.

Emotionally, things are oddly awesome. Yes, I’m overwhelmed sometimes it comes with the territory. There are days where I’m pulled in 3 directions at once and I feel guilty that I can’t meet Jack and Henry and Maggie’s needs at once. Despite the feelings of overwhelmedness I haven’t lost sight of how fortunate I am to have 3 beautiful kids to pull me in different directions. My hands are full which means they are not empty, for that I am richly blessed.

No matter how blessed I am it doesn’t make the food fight that the boys decided to have while I was nursing Maggie any less annoying. But since yelling at they doesn’t appear to make them stop, I talk about time outs and loss of privileges and sometimes it stops…. but sometimes we get to practice our clean-up-with-the-dust-pan skills, and by ‘we’ I mean Jack & Henry.

Breastfeeding is going well. Which is to be expected I supposed because I’ve already successfully breastfed each of the boys fo a year. It doesn’t mean it’s always easy, just like the boys there are times where she doesn’t stay latched on, or there are times when it was kinda painful or she’s too much of a spaz to make it work. I know it’s part of the gig, and it’s all worth it in the end.

I’m going to start cloth diapering, like I said, but I’m kinda waiting till her little behind fits in the diapers. I would guess that will take anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month.

But my favorite thing? My absolute favorite thing about my new normal: how the boys interact with her. When it was just Jack and Henry Jack wasn’t very interested in Henry. Probably because Jack couldn’t figure out how this ‘sibling’ idea was going to benefit him in any way. That’s different now. They both ask to hold her often. They both try to comfort her when she cries. They want to show her their toys and sing her songs and tell her stories and assign her roles in their imaginative play. I really am enjoying the early stages of their interactions with her. I know where it’s going and, while I am not impatient, I am quite excited to see it develop overtime.