No pink
No giant bows on her head
No shoe collection- what little girl needs 5 or 10 pairs of shoes?
No use of words like beautiful or princess or diva.

She wears pink, in my defense, many of her clothes are hand-me-down so I’m more excited to have free clothing than I am a stickler for this rule. Besides, some of the pink outfits are really cute!
I have gone to Hobby Lobby and purchased equipment to make giant bows for her head.
If you have a girl and in the last 4 years made a comment about how many shoes she has, I have judged you. First I thought, beyotch has a girl and has the nerve to complain about shoes. Then I thought, and this is the more important one: she is totally perpetuating the stereotype that women need 12,000 pairs of shoes. Girls cannot possibly need than many. Pardon me while I eat my words. Every single pair of little girl shoes is designed to fit into a color scheme. Brown and pink; white and purple; turquoise and tan. It’s the girl shoe industry conspiracy: if you want your daughters shoes not to clash with her outfit you really do need 5 pairs, minimum. I have been had by the industry as well my sisters! It is not our fault! I was spoiled by the boy shoe selection: sneakers for every season, rain boots, flip flops or Keens and a dress shoe (but only if you knew you were going to need them). Girl sneakers only come in colors, wtf?!
I do call her beautiful. It’s the truth, but I try to say something like “Hey, Beautiful, you’re going to be a rocket scientist/archaeologist/art historian.” I do not call her princess or diva, as I have not completely lost my mind, yet.