In the day of tablets and smart phones, older siblings and other responsibilities breastfeeding often becomes a quick and dirty process for me. Even with Jack I always was sure to have a book (one of those things that came before the tablet) and the TV remote, just incase I got stuck on the couch for an hour.

How silly I was.

I always sit in a half lotus (which looks a lot like cris-cross applesauce) to feed the baby. I’m often in bed or on the floor in the playroom or on the couch. I sit with my legs this way because it allows me to sit with my spine aligned- not hunched over or arched. If I choose, or at this point, have the luxury not to have something I need to multitask I can meditate while I breastfeed.

Now, I am no expert at meditating. But clearing my mind and being present by observing my breath are things I can do.

When I sit, I sit comfortably, finding a position that works for me. I use whatever support pillows I need to comfortably hold the baby. This usually includes a boppy, a pillow from the bed or couch, and a blanket. I don’t let myself feel guilty for the laundry, dishes or cleaning I’m not doing. I don’t let my mind make lists of the things I have to do next. I breathe deeply; in through the nose and out through the mouth. I hold her with both arms. Sometimes I close my eyes- but I’m more likely to study the curves of her ear, the color of her hair, and the shape of her nose.

This doesn’t happen every time, sometimes I’m trying to dress a toddler or child one-handed while nursing the baby. Sometimes I get lost on Etsy or Facebook or Pinterest. Sometimes I watch TV or read a book. But sometimes? Sometimes I breathe deeply and take it all in. Sometimes I let myself enjoy the moment.