First, you must realize- the fact that I am writing this down means tomorrow everything will change.

7:00am Wake up with the baby, come downstairs to find the boys and Daddy getting ready for breakfast, relieve Daddy so he can get going to work.

7:30am Change and feed baby.

8:30am Realize I’ve been awake for over an hour and haven eaten or drank anything. Frantically choke down a high-fiber breakfast bar and 750mL of water at first opportunity.

9:00am Remind big boys to play nicely together, so mommy doesn’t get angry.

9:01am Explain that acts of violence towards siblings will result in loss of privileges.

9:04am Run down into basement playroom to resolve conflict which has now escalated to random acts of violence. Baby dangling in sling or on boob while I attempt to separate big kids for a time-out.

9:05am Count down to nap-time begins. T-minus 3 hours and counting.

9:45am Put in contacts and put on deodorant. Hair brushing is optional, luckily, hair is curly.

10:00am Brush children’s teeth. Am thankful one child does not yet have teeth- timesaver!

10:15am Change and feed baby.

10:30am Start preparing lunch.

11:00am Feed boys lunch.

11:30am Remind boys to eat while at the table. Please finish lunch, please stop hitting/ throwing food/ yelling.

11:45am Begin to attempt to change Henry’s diaper before nap

12:00pm Diaper change success! Now comes the emotional bribery to get him to go upstairs willingly. I cannot lift him without serious pain, am pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my abs.

12:30pm Toddler nap success!

12:01pm Change and feed baby.

1:00pm Infant nap success!!

1:04pm Must clean mess in living room in order to enjoy nap-time.

1:17pm Am starving. Eat lunch, chips, cookies and chug sweet tea.

1:35pm Must hurry and enjoy nap-time. Choose trashy show from DVR.

1:36pm Jack needs a cookie.

1:42pm Jack needs some fruit.

1:57pm Jack informs me he has to pee.

2:03pm I catch Jack trying to watch my completely inappropriate TV show when he should be gaming on

2:45pm Nap-time over for Henry. Enjoy Henry snuggles and story time.

3:00pm Ask Jack to turn off the computer.

3:20pm Jack turns off computer.

3:30pm Change and feed baby.

4:00pm The afternoon crankies set in. Whining, fighting and general bad behavior increase by 50%.

4:20pm Am finally able to get boys dressed to play outside. Shoes are cruel parental torture and take forever Jack- because he claims he cannot do it himself but I choose to engage this battle of wills because I refuse to put shoes on 3 kids and I can see the writing on that wall. Henry- because his penultimate favorite word is ‘no’, as first place belongs to ‘why’.

4:30pm Enjoy socialization with other adult humans while dealing with interruptions for street safety.

5:45pm Watch Husband’s car pull into parking space.

5:50pm Am cursing husband’s name. How effing long do you need to put down briefcase and change clothes.

5:55pm Will never speak to husband again. Where the eff is he?!

6:00pm Am so glad to see husband and have help. Finding him oddly sexy when he saves me from myself in this way.

6:30pm Dinnertime. Am also feeding baby.

7:15pm Shower or bath time. Am still feeding baby.

8:00pm Story and bed time. Am still feeding baby, cluster feeding is exhausting.

8:01pm Mommy does the dance of joy. Celebrating survival of the day.

8:02pm Play my turns in Words with Friends and Draw Something, watch DVRed show or movie.

9:45pm Pass out in bed.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this I try to do the following:
Stay in touch with family and friends. (I give myself credit for blogging.)
Laundry. Right now I’m averaging a load every other day, there is more to do but I do not have the time or energy on the off-days.
Dishes. We prefer to eat on clean dishes.
Diapers. Washing and reassembling Henry’s diapers takes about 2.5 hours. Luckily, 2 hours of that is wash-time.
Shower. I’m averaging 1 shower every other day. Fortunately, I have dry curly hair so showering every other day is ideal for my hair health.
Vitamins. I try to remember these daily. Especially because I would swear those placenta pills are keeping my energy up and my sanity on the level.
Crafty projects. I try to make time daily, even if it’s just 10 minutes for something I enjoy. It’s good for my sanity.
Cuddle each kid as many times a day as they are willing and time allows. In a flash they are going to be 12, 14, and 16. And I will be desperately seeking cuddles of any kind.