These are my favorites. We went to the mall, so it’s certainly not fine art photography or photo journalism. But the kids are mine, and they are freeking adorable!! Check them out:

I’m loving the cuteness. I’m ashamed to admit that there was an obscene amount of bribery involved in getting these pictures. Not Jack, he’s a big old Hammy-Ham. But Henry, ohmyfreekinggod that was a challenge! Maggie? She was just happy to get a change to show off her head control, can you believe that girl? Freeking strong like Amazon!

My expectations are always kind of low with these pictures-in-the-mall places. But I’m here to tell you, be not afraid my friends.  It’s not always easy or financially plausible to schedule fine-art shots.  I’ve been spoiled with a photo-inclined husband (click his picture on my sidebar to link to his geeky photo blog) and an artsy-fartsy cousin-in-law who takes wicked awesome pictures at Thanksgiving for our Christmas card every year. I always wonder if the photographers the mall places really like photography, or were just looking for a job.  But my low expectations lead to one super bonus: I’m often pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly surprised might be an understatement, right now I’m somewhere between “wicked psyched” and “victory dance”.

So, thank you, Mall Portrait Studio, you made my day.  A special thank you to the Carousel of bribery for making Henry’s smile possible.  (Yes, our mall has a carousel, and yes, I told Henry if he would smile for a picture I would let him ride the carousel.)