A box of diapers for Maggie at the store costs 29.95 plus tax. 136 diapers come in the box. Maggie has about 10 changes per day.
Each diaper costs 22 cents.

A box of diapers for Henry also costs 34.95 plus tax. 120 diapers in the box. Henry gets changed 6 times per day.
Each diaper costs 29 cents.

I should explain that we use cloth and disposables in this house. I find that at night disposables are unbeatable for wicking wetness away from the skin and keeping babies asleep. I also use disposables for naps, but only sometimes. My final reason for disposables is if I have a breakdown and can’t handle the added laundry (2-3 loads per week) and folding instead of throwing up my hands and running for the hills, I slap a bad-for-the-planet diaper on those little bums, keep calm, and carry on.

Most of the diapers are an investment from Jack that I’m still using. But they retail between $10 and $20 each. I have about 30 cloth diapers all together. And they resale at about 60% their original price.

In any given day I use 1-2 disposables on Henry and 4 disposables on Maggie. So I’m only spending $1.17-$1.46 on diapers daily- and that’s for two kids! As Maggie grows, and more importantly her butt grows (because many of her diapers don’t fit yet), she will be in more cloth and less disposables each day.

I wish I could do all cloth all the time, but I also wish to be sane, so I choose to be comfortable with that math.