Mother’s Day Weekend started on Thursday. But really, everyday should be Mother’s Day, should it not?

Jack invited me to Tea at school.

He sang me songs and ate tea with me. I was excited to have some real 1:1 time with my oldest boy.

I came home to the successful administration of Maggie’s first bottle. (I pumped that, incase you were wondering.)

Later we played outside.

And with bulldozers.

On Friday, Special Beginnings held their annual birthday party. It’s this big gathering of natural birth loving often baby-wearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering families. Obviously, I love it!

I finally got a pic of David and Maggie. I totally forgot after the birth because I was on such a high! (Which is a great reason!)

My midwives getting ready to blow out their candles.

Saturday we went for a walk.

Maggie is starting to fit in the ergo. Starting.

Jack learned about the importance of breaking when biking down hill.

Henry was willing to cheese-it-up.

On Sunday my parents came over (they were in town for a convention, a wedding and partridge in a pear tree) and we had brunch and hung out. But really the only pic I took was this one.

I mean how hilarious is that bow?