Yesterday Maggie woke up from a nap with a lot of sleep in her eyes. I wiped it away but an hour later it was back. As the afternoon progressed her eyes got more watery and filled with more and more gunk. Late in the afternoon I posted a photo to Facebook and the responses reflected my inner dialogue perfectly: it could be a clogged duct, but breast milk didn’t seem to be helping, or it could be pink eye.

By 7:45 her eye was crusting closed and looking a little bloodshot. Maggie became the first of my kids to visit urgent care. In part because I didn’t want to wait but also because I don’t have a car today- I’m getting my windows tinted (more on that later).20120517-093531.jpg
Here is a picture of the eye-gunk for reference.
We learned 3 things: 1. Kinder Mender in Columbia is awesome- they fill prescriptions on site! 2. She does have pink eye. 3. She weighs 10 1/2lbs!