Also known as the post about how to pack for 5 people over 5 days in a Mazda 5. There are plenty of people I l know who have traveled with tiny humans in a VW Jetta or a Ford Taurus.
In the trunk we have the beach bag, some food, the potty (which we will be leaving at the beach), and the picnic blanket.

I was able to fit the remaining items on the floor of the car where the other seat should be. It’s a perfect fit, and there was enough room for both boys to climb in on their own and step around the bags to get to their seats.

Ever since Maggie was born we have been driving the 5 with one of the captain’s chairs removed from its place. I asked the moms of 4 and 5 from Jack’s preschool and they RAVED about how easy things were when a seat was removed.

They are not wrong!!