Memorial Day weekend is kind of a big deal. It reminds us of people who gave their lives to serve our country- which is too huge for words. It’s also right around my Husband and my birthday, but this weekend wasn’t a big year 31 for me, 29 for him. It’s the weekend that pools and beaches open for business. Every year we go to Ocean City, MD to visit my parents and celebrate birthdays and the start of beach season. This year was also our first long-ish car trip with 3 kiddos (one who was only 9 weeks). I have to say trying to calm a baby in a car when you are waiting for a place to safely pull over to feed/change/cuddle is not fun! But aside from some normal beach traffic and normal fussiness it was still a normal trip. Nothing like THIS ONE!

I hope your Memorial weekend was filled with fun and reflection too!

At the beach on a busy weekend it’s always important to claim your spot, and bring some shade.

Maggie enjoyed snoozing in her tent.

The boys went in the water.

Henry stole Daddy’s hat.

Maggie enjoyed a beach nap with Daddy.

Jack smiled with PaPa and GiGi on the beach.

Built an obligatory sand castle.

Snuggled while looking out over the water.

Went on a boatride.

They were worn out.