Wednesday was a busy, busy day.

It started with a 9:30 well-baby check up for Maggie. I was on time for this visit. Can we just marvel at the awesomeness of that for a minute? Because hauling 3 kids anywhere means I’m likely to be running late.

At Maggie’s visit we learned that she is a pixie. Maggie is 10 lbs 11oz and 22 inches. Jack and Henry were both tanks at 2 months. Maggie is destined to be in the front row of class pictures. But I was always short and skinny as a child- I don’t think I was average height until I was 16 and I’m still waiting on those boobs I was told would come in someday.

After the doctor visit we went to the farm to pick strawberries. The kids were great they stayed near me.  Jack learned quickly which strawberries were good and which were yucky.  He was happy to help me collect them.  Henry was happy to help himself to some strawberries.  I can only assume he probably ate a few iffy ones.

When we got home I put Henry and Maggie down for their nap and went to check on our garden. We have what can only be described as a ‘strawberry situation’. They have taken over (which I knew might happen) and the other things we have tried to grow were looking like they dissapeared. I was really psyched to discover our carrots are growing! We also have 4 Sugar snap pea plants and 2 Garlic plants.

These are the strawberries and the peas that I was able to pick from our own organic suburban homestead.

The little ones were still napping and I was feeling brave so I prepped all the strawberries and enlisted Jack’s help to make jam. I prefer the water bath method (over the freezer method) because it keeps longer. Pick Your Own is a great website that I always reference when canning. The explanations are very detailed and include pictures for each step of the canning process.

The fruits of our labor!

I also managed to put through 3 loads of laundry.

Manic Wednesday? Yes, yes it was.