This is a post about body image, being healthy and weight loss. This is not a post where I fish for compliments. If I sound self-deprecating it’s humor and sarcasm. Most of the time I feel good about myself, but sometimes I look at a picture of myself and WISH I had a warning so I could suck it in. Thanks, dear!

This is where I’m at now, or where I was last week, at 8, almost 9 weeks postpartum.

Sally at Exploits of a Military Mama is doing a Body after Baby check in on Mondays. I love this idea- because when I put something on my blog for the world (and my mother) to see- there is a certain level of accountability that doesn’t exist when I make a resolution about wellness while sitting on the couch watching America’s Next Top Model.

My goals for getting fit again pertain to getting back where I was before. At 31, it’s bound to be harder than it was at 27 and 29, to bounce back. I’m also thinking baby #3 is going to be a factor in how much elasticity is left for me to bounce back with. But the hardest thing- time. It is tremendously more difficult to find the time now than it was after Jack and Henry.

I find that there are 3 plateaus I hit when I try to “lose the baby weight”. And in my mind, they each make perfect sense. The first is after the initial weight loss; right around 6 weeks postpartum I lose the bulk of the baby weight but my body likes to hold on to about 10-15 lbs. I totally attribute it to breastfeeding. As the sole source of nourishment I suppose I should have a few extra pounds between the milk and the extra fat evolution says I need ‘just incase’ that makes my first plateau.

As you can imagine the second plateau comes when we start solid food. With Jack and Henry we started solids at 4-5 months and started with brown rice or oat ‘cereal’. But I’ve been researching baby lead weaning– so it’s likely that we will push back the start of solids, but not by much if Maggie is anything like her brothers, because they were reaching for food at 4 months. As a mom with other children to feed, baby lead weaning also seems MUCH MUCH easier than making or mixing baby foods and then bringing spoon and bib everywhere I go. But I digress… so the second plateau is ‘the last 5 pounds’ and those mean pounds hold on to the very end.

The third and final plateau is losing the last 5 pounds to bring me back to pre-baby weight, which I luckily have returned to twice before. But those last 5 pounds are always the most stubborn, aren’t they?

But more important than HOW and WHEN I lose the weight is why I want to return to my prior level of fitness.
-Returning to my prior level of fitness means I am back on my yoga mat every day. Which means hopefully I’m using my yoga teaching certification.

It also means I can do this again. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, one-legged king pigeon pose. Aside from looking awesome, it feels SOOOO GOOD!

-Getting in shape again means I could hike the Grand Canyon again.

Not that I’m ready to say “Leave me here and save yourself.” and kinda mean it again, but I’m ready to hike local short distances again and feel fine.

-I also want to be ready to take the kids on an adventure.

They’re always ready for one. I’d like to be too!

-Also? I’d like to NOT have to suck it in for pictures. At least some of the time.

Want to talk about being/getting/staying healthy? Visit Sally, and link it up!