I should start by saying ALL yoga can help you get your body back, at least I find that to be very true for me. But these are three poses that when I add them to my home yoga practice I can feel the impact they are having on my target areas: arms, core & legs. Thank you, Sally for helping to keep me motivated!

The V Sit:

Sit on your mat with your knees bent and feet on the floor.
Raise your feet up as you lean back for balance. (The first time I like to let my feet hover above the floor to check my balance.)
While in the V position isometrically pull your belly button towards your spine and hug your shoulder blades together pulling them towards your spine.
Keep your back straight- it’s easy to forget and round or arch it while doing this pose.
Hold it as long as you can, breathe normally while holding the pose.
To come out of the pose lower your feet and return to a proper seated position.

The Powerful Pose:

Start standing on your mat with your feet parallel and hip width apart.
Lift your toes (just your toes) to activate the muscles in your feet and legs. (If you really want to feel it- keep them lifted for the duration of the pose.)
Bend your knees slowly, keeping your spine straight.
Pull your belly button towards your spine.
Keep your shoulder blades on you back (it’s easy for them to wing forward and to the side in this pose).
Lower to a low seat, the lower the better- but if you find yourself holding your breath back off because the pose is not as effective if you can’t breathe normally.
Hold the pose as long as you can, breathing normally.
To come out of the pose straighten your legs keeping your arms above your head. When you are standing again, then lower your arms to your sides.

Warrior 2:

Stand with your legs wide apart, feet parallel.
Turn your back foot in slightly and your front foot out 90 degrees.
Raise your arms to shoulder height. Activate the muscles in your arms and back by spreading the fingers wide -imagine palming a basket ball- and hug your shoulders on to your back, moving your shoulder blades towards each other. Be careful not to hunch your shoulders.
With your arms raises now bend the front knee towards 90 degrees. Be careful to check the position of the knee in relation to your ankle. The knee should be directly above the ankle, bending beyond the ankle means you need to give yourself more space by moving your back leg back.
Hold the pose as long as you can, to come out straighten the front leg and lower your arms to your sides.

I have to say this: as a good teacher I try to explain and demonstrate things clearly to help you avoid injury, but if you start to do something and it doesn’t feel good -be a good student and stop. Yoga shouldn’t hurt. Feel the burn? abso-freeking-lutely but pain? not so much.

I keep swearing to myself that I will put a video of one of my home practices up to share- but for now I have photos and explanations. Enjoy!