Henry has started “Doing Piggies” as we call it. Our little copy cat, he sees me “Doing Piggies” on Maggie and he insists on participating as well.
He’ll grab his own toes but really, anyone’s toes will do (he has yet to try the cats, thank God!) and then he says “Piggieeeeee” and grabs the next toe and says “Piggieeeee” and so on. It’s adorable, and sometimes unexpected. The piggy ambush can happen at any time- making morning coffee, during downward facing dog, while blogging. You’re never safe.

Saturday we loaded up our three little piggies and went to the farmers market in downtown Silver Spring.
This farmers market is great! Some vendors take credit, but most only take cash. The market has a token system so if you can’t get to the ATM they can swipe your credit card and give you the equivalent amount in tokens- there is a $2 charge per transaction, but the money goes to continue running the market. The fountain is a great place to let the kids play; the movie theater is right there if you want to catch a show; the band (there is entertainment of some kind nearly every week) plays. The food is locally grown and some farms are organic. They’re even on twitter! @FRESHFARMSlvrSp

We love the French pastry chef and his lemon drop cookies.


This violinist was great.

These summer squash came home with us and made a fabulous veggie kabob!

I scored two loaves of bread one peasant wheat and one cheddar jalapeno. YUM!

Here’s the haul.