I find I often have big plans when it comes to my blog. Lofty goals and aspirations that are torn asunder by laziness, not enough time and the needs of the tiny humans. This is one of those times. I wanted to do a yoga video blog and talk about Henry’s first day of school/camp and talk about how I am a crazy person and have just signed up for a 5k on the 4th of July…. but I am entirely too busy living life, taking care of the hooligans and driving them to summer camps all over the sweaty sack of humidity that Maryland becomes each summer. It is a good problem, I feel busy and productive and not at all about to have a breakdown, not for lack of trying though. I think I might be trying to do that thing people do- I think it’s called balance. Where I prioritize and try not to do too much and try not to freak out.

Consequently this means I will do some catch-up blogs at some point soon, but not today. Not today.

Instead, I leave you with this: we are alive and busy. Stay cool folks!