Just to be clear, I’m not a runner.

One time in middle school they made us run a mile. I actually ran, I didn’t quit and walk- I ran the whole thing. Just the once. A few times in high school my swim coach tried to get me to cross-train. It didn’t take. Before I got pregnant with Jack I had signed up for a sprint Triathlon. I avoided the running as much as I could. Then I got pregnant and the whole thing went out the window, not that you can’t run while pregnant, but as a non-runner the idea of crossing the finish line at 25 weeks pregnant sounded awful!

I have always preferred no impact or low impact sports to something as jarring as running. With asthma I had the perfect excuse. I’ve only ran a handful of times, unless someone was chasing me. Yoga, swimming, walking, these were my exercises of choice.

But now I have 3 kids under 5 and a gym membership is not in the budget- so my only way to get exercise is to do it after the kids are asleep. Which means I put the baby down and either roll out my yoga mat or pull on my sneakers and go for a run. I’ve been running, okay, lets be real: its jogging, its not running, for 9 weeks.

So I did the sensible thing, I signed up for a 5k. On July 4th. Never-ever-ran-just-had-a-baby to 5k. They do not have an app for that.