We were on vacation for 11 days. It was awesome and exhausting. (This is typical of any good vacation.)

What made this special was it was my Grandma(BoBo)’s 85th birthday. We celebrated by flying my Grandpa and her up to my parents place and gathering their progeny together for an old fashioned hootinany. Here’s what we did:

We took the kids (just my kids) to the local pool for a swim.

Margaret Ruth met her namesake Ruth Emily.

Henry tried to go on a boatride but as soon as we pulled out from the dock he freaked out. So much for that idea.

We visited the local Ocean City waterpark. Frontier Town. This place is great, but if you don’t like swarming crowds of people you have to plan to get there when it opens at 10. Here’s Aaliyah, Jack, Henry and I enjoying some rafting.

We hung out at my Uncle Walt and Aunt Laura’s new camper. Sierra enjoyed the flower pinwheels.

On July 4th- I ran my first 5k. I met my goals: don’t die & don’t stop running. My official time was 32:46.8

We celebrated the 4th with some red, white and blue. (Later there was a cookout, some gin and tonic, and several members of the family belting out classic Americana while watching the sun go down. Speaking of which, after the sun went down:

We encouraged the kids to play with fire.

Aunt Alba and I took the boys on a little kayak tour.

Everynight they were like this. Sacked out. But one night…

We talked the older folks into holding down the proverbial fort while we hungout fireside. Drinking together without kids was something we havent done since the “Great Cruise of 2004.” Which, by the way, was legend-waitforit-dary.

Four generations.

By the second half of the week we were starting to get creative about ways to beat the heat.

Okay, at this point it was 100 degrees and we were completely desperate.

Most nights we enjoyed a game of poker. One night I totally killed it. I haz mad poker skillz.

I love it when we have a chance to take a big group shot like this because you never know when we’re all going to get together in a group this big again.

Until next time.