Birth is messy. It’s sweaty and painful and doesn’t make you look your best. Swelling is no one’s friend.

But it’s transformative. It makes you a mom. Or makes you a mom again (and again).


Now it’s been 4 and a half years since this picture was taken, but I remember the feeling exactly. It’s hard to recognize, but there it is: overwhelming love (and relief).

Despite the fact that my visitors were forced to treat me like a leper- I was just happy to introduce Jack to everyone. It didn’t hit me how detrimental the postpartum hospital experience was until we got home and the relief washed over me.


This time it’s obvious. Pure joy.

I think I smiled for weeks. The anger and frustration surrounding Jack’s birth finally melted away.


I picked this one, because the first 10 pictures are me with a look of relief and/or shock on my face. “Thank God the pain is gone” mixed with “Shit, that was fast!”


I don’t look or feel particularly pretty. But I don’t have to. These pictures aren’t about pretty, they’re about the beauty of growing a family. Don’t hide yourself when you’re swollen and sweaty and sleep deprived. Share your joy.