After weeks and weeks of getting up 87 times a day to provide a snack to one of the hooligans TFB finally provided a genius and also kinda obvious (but I was too busy getting snacks to think) solution.

I made some modifications of my own to suit our needs:

-Name labels prevent fighting and help with Henry’s name recognition.
-Reusable cups are easy to open and result in less waste. Glass would be ideal but I have a 4 year old and 2 year old and I want them to help themselves so glass is a no-go.
-All snacks are kept in a drawer in the fridge. So applesauce, yogurt, and produce (like plums) are together with crackers and water bottles making everything easy to find.
-There is no coin exchange but the limit is 3 snacks per day and they have to ask (which is more like notify) me. Because too close to lunch or dinner time is off limits.

When I can trust them not to swallow or hide the money I will add that to the program because I really like the lesson there.

It’s been about a week and it’s working out great!