My husband has an old soul. He has the perspective on life of someone who is much over 29. He likes to be fair (even when we fight).

I love that my husband has an old soul. It’s one of my favorite qualities about him.

I do not love that he has an old back to match. Since we have been together (7 years) he has blown out his back 3 times. Each time it has been excruciating. For me.

Okay, it has been debilitating for him. He shuffles around the house moaning and reaching for the Advil. He gets sciatic nerve pain shooting down his leg. He can’t lift anything. I mean ANYTHING. He lays in bed most of the day. He also gets down (like depressed) because he can’t do anything.

When he is his normal able-bodied self I will complain till the cows come home about how little he does around here. Aaaaand then he hurts his back, like he did this weekend, and I get a very healthy dose of perspective.

I’ve been cooking, cleaning, handling trash and recycling, nap times and bedtimes, laundry, bath time, grocery store runs, sibling referee, and nursemaid to an injured husband.

He does a lot. I promise to remember that.

Anyway, I digress. So injured husband, life is chaos- you with me so far? But there is a silver lining. Actually there are several!

1. He has finally decided to actually do something about his bad back. (Lumbar.) He has always had a “this is my lot in life” approach to his back. But this time he’s decided to start a supplement regimen and see a chiropractor to learn more! He’s taking Glucosamine, turmeric, fish oil, and he is using arnica gel.

2. He has finally agreed to hire movers (whenever we get around to all that again).

3. He has agreed that we should join a gym! The reading he has done seems to agree that high impact sports like running are not best for his back and wants to take up swimming! (I know, right?!) Now I run and he is gonna swim- weird!!

So think healing thoughts for him, because the recycling needs to go out tonight.