It’s our first full week as YMCA members and I’m constantly asking myself “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”

I go. I drop the kids off. Henry cries a little. I run on the treadmill, bike on this strange video game bicycle contraption, toss around a medicine ball, hit the pool, and shower- all by myself. Its revolutionary! By the time my hour and a half of me-time is over I can’t wait to see them. I’m looking forward to getting my babies taking them home and making something creative and wholesome for lunch.

My energy level is up and my mood is great because I’ve exercised, and I’m enjoying my kids more because I actually get a little time away from them while they are awake. Also, my personal hygiene is much improved- because of all this showering I’m able to do.

There were a few gym-type memberships available to us, but the Y was the best fit for us. Do you belong to a gym? How do you maintain your sanity?