Today is a guest blog by Daddy.

By the time your 3rd child comes around you tend to get a little laid back as a parent. With the first one you are allowed and even encouraged, by nature, not your veteran parent friends, to be a worry wart and up-tight. By the second you tend to chill out a little more, take things in stride. By the 3rd one you are probably forgetting their names on a regular basis and brushing off things as minor as 102F fevers.

So today was Maggie’s 4 month pediatrician’s appointment…2 days before she is 5 months. She measured in at a lithe 24.75 inches and 14lbs on the nose.

By comparison her bigger (MUCH bigger!) brothers measured in, within days of turning 4 months for both of them, Jack-26.25in and 15lbs 6oz and Henry-26.5in and 16lbs 12oz. I guess it is little surprise that I keep wondering why it seems like Maggie has been in the same size clothing for forever. It’s not that she isn’t growing, it’s that her big brothers are much, much bigger.

**He’s very concerned about size, isn’t he? All men are.

As a final note, looking back at pictures of the boys at 4 months, Maggie looks like she is a pretty good mix of both with a little bit of her own flair added in.  Four years ago I look like a punk kid, having punk kids of my own.

**It’s true. He did, but he was a mere 24 years old, when Jack was born.

Happy almost 5 months old Maggie!