I love the holidays. I am all about the Christmas music and playing dreidel for gelt with my kids and the fancy Christmas drinks (like that one that Lindsey made one time that tastes like a candy cane). I love it all, the decorating and the shopping and the desperate and ultimately failed attempts to get the kids all to smile and look at the camera while sitting on Santa’s lap.

But, friends, it is Autumn. It is the season of Halloween candy and pumpkin scones with pumpkin spice lattes. There is butternut squash soup to be sipped and turkey and stuffing and football and beer tastings (or is that only at my house at Thanksgiving?). It’s cold, and the air is dry so when the kids run around outside their little noses and cheeks get rosy.

Yesterday I went to the store to buy candy corn, for those turkey cookies that are floating around Pinterest. I went to three different stores, and they all had candy canes out the ying-yang but no one had candy corn. Good grief! I finally found some, the turkey cookies were saved- but it was a close call!

In our neighborhood there is someone with lights up, already. It’s too soon, I tell you! TOO SOON!!

My point? Aside from feeling rushed and pushed down my not-yet-decked halls, there is so much looking for the next thing that we, myself included, find it hard to enjoy the moment. We should savor all the sweetness that is fall taking in every moment and resist the rush towards the holidays. Because once the holidays are done, we will be flush with opportunity to enjoy the winter before spring comes around.