We are officially listed “For Rent”.

I never saw myself as a landlord or real estate mogul. But here we are, trying to rent our beloved townhouse. We put plenty of our own blood, sweat and tears into fixing up this home.

We are leaving behind a great neighborhood with some fabulous, and hilarious friends. A great location, close to everything I do and everywhere I shop. A renovated house with all the colors and finishes we want. And the pantry, with its beautiful and bountiful storage capacity.

But I’m still more excited than I am sad. We are starting our next adventure. And while we will have an older home that is further away and has its own set of challenges we will have land for gardens and vegetables and, dare I say it, chickens! It might take a little longer to get where we are going, but across the street from the house is a horse farm. And down the street from that? Cows? And around the corner from that? My old CSA!

Making our house presentable to renters has also presented some challenges. So I called in reinforcements! GiGi to the rescue!! Now my house is cleaner than it has been in more than a month!

This was taken Thursday. Afternoon! And any parent of multiple pre-K children will tell you, after nap you just give up on cleaning till after bedtime. But look at it, so shiny! So functional! So devoid of hoarder-style piles of boxes and bags!

The least we should have is a clean house. Seeing that we will hardly be decorating for the holiday. Poor, sad, three foot tree. Reminds me of Charlie Brown. But despite the tragic tree, even Charlie Brown had a Merry Christmas.