We are in the final countdown of what I’m sure will be the craziest Christmas ever. Twenty years from now we will be painting the living room before Christmas and we will start to feel overwhelmed. And them one of us, probably my husband, will say “But remember that one time we moved, renovated, found renters (still looking), and celebrated Christmas all in 3 weeks? What were we thinking?!”

In the mean time I give myself permission to freak out.

Everything we are doing right now is about getting creative. As exemplified by Maggie’s baby gate. We are getting creative with healthy meals (and some shamelessly unhealthy meals) that are easy and on the go. I’m trying to make the season merry and bright for the kids using creative activities and that silly Elf on the Shelf everyone is talking about. I’ve even finished my shopping and wrapping as of a few days ago, and set aside the “quick set up some Christmas decorations!” decorations.

What is life but an adventure?