Removing carpeting is something I enjoy at an almost inappropriate level, and yet I have scratches on my hands and my quads are killing me.

The thing about removing carpet is you never know what you are going to find. We knew there was hardwood under the carpet but for all we knew there was damage from water or pets. And the thing about pet damage is the stains are black. Giant rings of black to say “fido was here”. So as we started to pull back the carpet and pad we were thrilled to find the floors in amazing condition. But then there were the tack strips and the staples. The tack strips run along the edges of all the rooms and the hallways and the staples are in rows by the hundreds, every single one needing to be removed. We also discovered hardwood under the pergo floors in the dining room! Sweet!!

We were able to clean all the mold out of the basement (the normal kind). This meant wiping all the walls and the ceiling and the doors and the baseboards, well, you get the idea…

We also discovered that the fridge isn’t working. Aaaand the washing machine isn’t working. And the AC compressor has vinca growing in it. Unfortunately I can’t load photos because I’m blogging from my tablet, as our laptop also died (we’ve owned it less than a year).
So, I’m hoping dead appliances or devices come in threes because I can’t take much more of this!

Am I freaking out? Do I worry I’ve bought a lemon? No, I’m still really excited and in love with this house, but I am asking the universe to cut us a break, at least until after the new year!

I will try to post a few Instagram pics during the day so if you follow me there, (fruitcakemomma) or on twitter you should be able to see a bit of what’s happening.

I’m trying to document as much as I can because its all going to happen so fast! Now, it’s off to work!