Wednesday was day three. We had a flooring company come in and sand and repair the hardwood floors. You see, the floor was 3 different colors: black from where the linoleum was glued down in the dining room, light white oak color in the living room (which is the room with the fireplace), and medium honey oak in the bedrooms and hall. I was told they would do the best they can, but with an older home things aren’t perfect. There might be lines, or transition areas between color tones that they can’t completely sand away. Well, after the first sand and coat of polyurethane, they look amazing! You can tell the home has history, the floors have history, but in a charming way. I am thrilled!

We painted the family room (play room) today. It was an odd shade of blue that really didn’t go with the brown wall to wall carpeting. Now it’s accessible beige. And it’s certainly accessible!

I actually had to pack more boxes, because we have already moved just about everything I set out and packed! That is insane to me!

Now it’s Thursday, we are four days into our nine-day-nomadic experiment. In 5 days this home will be where I live, not just where I work. So far, I have put in my blood and sweat into our new home. I’m hoping to save the tears for celebrating unpacking!