I feel like Clark Kent and Superman. I drive to the house in paint- stained overalls. Paint, sand, load and unload. Then I jump in the car. Drive across the county meet my in-laws at the Y for swim lessons- jump into a phone booth (locker room) change into my swimsuit and join Henry for a mommy-and-me lesson while Jack has his lesson and Maggie and Grandma and Grandpa sit and watch.

They are both becoming so comfortable in the water. I’m so proud! Then we jump out and change back into my paint-stained mess and nurse the baby & kiss the kids goodbye. Then I roll and roll and roll paint on the walls, all the while sweating because though the heat is only set at 66 the house is so well built that it actually stays cozy when it should!

Finally 4 o’clock comes around and we are done painting and the floors are finished and dry and so beautiful that while Grandma, Grandpa and the kids tour the progress we are making I just lay down on the floor and stroke it. So lovely. I digress…

Then we race to make the playroom a playroom because Friday afternoon we are on our own again and I plan to let the kids play in their new hang out while I work on something or another. I’m sure there will be plenty to do!

Then we come home to the townhouse for dinner and we hear the sirens- Santa? Nah- it’s too soon! He comes next week- but there it is the unmistakable honk of “Jingle Bells” from the fire engine as it rolls through the neighborhood. We all gather together a bunch of neighbors and nearly a dozen kids to greet Santa and Mrs. Clause. I will miss this, not only the Firetruck Santa but more so enjoying it with so many friendly faces.
20121213-220428.jpg But I am excited to move forward, this new place will be great for us, it’s a good thing we are renting our townhouse (still seeking, BTW) so we have a reason to come back to the ‘hood often!