I woke up this morning sick. I went downstairs to make myself some tea and realized all the tea, and honey is already moved. I thought I’d make myself some cereal, but the bowls are gone. We have no peanut butter or bread or plates. I had to get the kids ready for school, we barely made it on time, but we did make it! After dropping off Jack, which was harder today than usual, because I often find my thoughts drifting to Connecticut and those sweet kids and their caring teachers.

I digress. So I dropped Jack off and drove to the “new house”. I unloaded a bunch of stuff and unpacked more of the kitchen and painted the trim around the window in the living room. I looked at my watch, CRAP! gotta get Jack! I promptly spent 10 minutes looking for the keys to the car, which I had left in my purse. Duh!

I picked up Jack, almost on-time. We came home, ate some left-over lasagna and cookies for lunch and then I convinced Henry and Maggie to take a nap on what are simply mattresses on the floor in the boys’ room. Three hours later I had missed 7 phone calls (I swear I’m not normally this popular) and Jack was still playing quietly on the iPad on the couch. Sometimes that kid is too awesome for words, and just when I needed him to be independent he pulled it out for me!

I got the kids back in the car again and drove through the blinding fog (so annoying!) to the new place to move and paint and unpack some more. By the time I was driving home for dinner I was so tired and hungry I was starting to lose it.

I am fairly certain that if you ever needed to coerce information out of someone you should put them in exactly my situation. Because, seriously, I’m about to confess to being the second gunman.

It suddenly occurs to me how in poor taste the second gunman comment must sound… This is why blogging with a fever is dangerous. Because in my head it was an obvious reference to the grassy noll and Lee Harvey Oswald (the conspiracy theory that he did not act alone). But now reading it again it sounds sinister and awful. I would just delete it, but I thought it better to explain than to pretend I never said it in the first place.