Lots of things have changed, and yet, despite the differences life is still familiar. Those 9 days we spent working before the move to make this house feel like home and work for us makes it feel like home, that’s for sure.

But so much is different. For one we are still without a working fridge. We have two mini fridges, so we have milk and cheese and juice. And we have a freezer for the all-important frozen pizza and French fries. But when you go to make a meal and you have to go to 2 different fridges, a freezer in the basement and the pantry- by the time you are cooking you can’t remember what was where. But, hey, we have food to eat, so really, it’s all good.

There is a serious stink bug infestation in this house. Seriously. We are slowly trapping and killing them all. Now, normally I prefer to humanely relocate bugs, but stink bugs are not indigenous, they have no predators, and they ruin tomato and apple crops, so they are on my naughty list. We find between 10 and 20 every day. No, I’m not kidding. It’s kinda gross. But between the kids and the cats I have eyes everywhere. (No, the cats won’t eat them, too bad- it would save me the trouble of trapping a bunch.)

I have so much more to say and report on, but I’m too busy working right now to cover everything. And I don’t have access to all the pics yet. Big reveals and details to follow! (Maybe after our year-in-review post.)