Two thousand and twelve was a banner year in the land of Fruit and Cake.

In January we started things off with a road trip to Florida. We went to Kennedy Space Center, which Jack feels is the MOST magical place on earth. Then we went to Vero Beach, to visit my Dad’s parents or BoBo and Pops- which was really special for all of us. Finally we landed at Henry’s most magical place on earth, Disney World! When we got home from our southern adventures and recovered from the awesomeness (and swelling (I was 26 weeks pregnant) I came down with what can only be described as a serious case of nesting.

In February Jack turned 4. I made two major confessions about my 3rd pregnancy: 1. I was pretty terrified how overwhelmed I would be to have 3 tiny humans running around 2. I regretted telling anyone Maggie’s name before her birth and was pretty convinced I jinxed her survival by telling people her name.

Things warmed up in March Jack and Henry had an awesome Lego Birthdays Party. Seriously, it was so much fun! We finished that beautiful built-in in our livingroom. I revealed Maggie’s nursery, and then promptly went into labor and had the best birth ever!!

Along came April and Henry turned two, I enjoyed the most savored babymoon ever, and I ate my placenta. My husband learned a hard lesson about diaper changes.

May brought a great Mother’s Day, including a special celebration at Jack’s school. We had some fun at the beach.

The heat of June lead to tie-dye fun, I suddenly realized I had two little campers, and I took up running.

July was a big month, with a week-long celebration of BoBo’s birthday. Maggie got to meet her namesake, who is also my namesake, because BoBo is cool like that.

By August I was over sharing about my mental health and my husband’s bad back. I made tomato sauce, again! We got to celebrate Matt’s well-deserved promotion!

In September Jack’s tooth went from loose to lost in 24 hours.  I got into a fight with an embarrassingly drunk man in a parking lot.

At the start of October, at a wee 6 months of age, Maggie was on the move!  I became addicted to Pinterest.

In November I voted in my 4th presidential election, and I was proud to vote to vote for marriage in Maryland.  We heard that our offer on a short sale home was approved by the bank! Let the countdown to settlement begin!

December felt like the fastest 31 days, ever.  My cat started on ProzacWe settled on our new house, and started work immediately.  All renovations on the new home are under the category ‘adventures in renovating’.  An incredibly awful thing happened right before Christmas, and I deliberately chose not to blog about it, except for when I accidentally blogged about it.  I decided not to talk about Sandy Hook because I have nothing new to say that hasn’t already been said.  I am going to do 26 acts of kindness in remembrance of the 26 victims, but with money being so tight right now (we still don’t have renters) I’m waiting.  Which is okay, because we as a society, owe it to these people to keep remembering them, and keep talking about this long after the media has moved on to the next ‘thing’.

Finally, we moved, and thanks especially to my parents and Matt’s parents and all the other people who deserved thanks our holiday was quite merry!

Overall, 2012 was a great year.

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How was 2012 for you?  What do you hope 2013 will bring?