Jack: Now that we have a big back yard we need to get a dog.

I see this as an improvement over last week’s logic which concluded that we needed a horse.

Me: Oh, hon, we can’t get a dog; Mommy’s allergic.

Jack: That’s okay, Mommy. You can live in the house next door, with Henry.

Me: But who will tuck you in at night?

Jack: You can come over, for a visit.

Me: But who will snuggle daddy at night?

Jack: Me and Maggie will.

Clearly, he has thought this through. Maybe I can appeal to his emotions.

Me: Jack, won’t you miss me?

Jack: A little bit.

Hand held up holding his index finger and thumb less than an inch apart.

Me: What if Maggie is allergic to dogs?

Jack: She can live next door with you.

Apparently, I have been evicted.